Holidays should always be occasions for rest and relaxation. Holidays which require tremendous amount of activity and rushing from one place to another, are not everyone’s cup of teas. There are many who yearn for the golden age of travel when the pace was much slower, when you could really sit back and watch the world go by and where you were not chasing time deadlines.

If you are among those who prefer these types of holidays, then North Cyprus is one of the best holiday destinations for you. Tranquillity and serenity are part and parcel of every visit here and you can take back memories of a beautiful place and great food.

There is much to see in North Cyprus. The port of Kyrenia is among the most beautiful seaside towns on the Mediterranean coast. The ancient Byzantine Castle, which has now been converted into a museum, is an interesting place to visit, but if you would rather just walk around leisurely, then the harbour offers you a vision of shimmering lights and serene walks.

Your sightseeing round can also include the Bellapais Monastery and Abbey. At the Abbey, the view of the island and the Mediterranean is breathtaking. Sunshine, water sports, unspoilt beaches, bargain hotels and accommodation – is anything else needed to make it a perfect holiday?

North Cyprus is one of the most unblemished destinations in the world. An added advantage is that it is easily accessible from all over Europe and United Kingdom, and there are many boarding and lodging options ranging from the luxurious to the bargain hotels and resorts.

Time seems to have come to a stop in North Cyprus, there are very few people here and you can happily drive around without getting stuck in traffic snarls and teeming multitudes.  Step back into an era where the world was laid-back and peaceful, and where holidays were meant for relaxation and unwinding.