Amsterdam is a city of varied hues and a unique character of its own. It will beguile you with its lovely parks and canals, it will charm you with museums and paintings and it will enthral you with its annual gay parade and the Queens Day parade.
Amsterdam has so many beautiful hotels to stay, but if you are looking for a homely feeling and slightly lower cost, then look for an apartment in Amsterdam. Many of these are situated towards the centre of town, near the scenic squares and canals. The vacation rental apartments are all equipped with the best of facilities and most of them have a small kitchenette attached to the rooms. The rentals vary according to the size of the apartment and its location, but on the whole they offer you far greater comforts than the fancy hotels and their impersonal rooms.
Amsterdam can be visited at any time of the year, but if you do have a choice then try to visit it when the Queens Day Parade takes place on April 30. It is a feast of orange, and a party that never seems to stop and a giant flea market.
There is something for everyone to see or do in Amsterdam. If you are interested you can hire a bike and cycle around the city. The bus services are excellent and you can even happily walk around through the lovely tree-lined avenues.
Do take a ride down the many canals of Amsterdam since they are the lifeline of this lovely old-world European capital. They have many boats which will give you a guided tour of the many canals and their surrounding regions.
The many cafes which dot this city are great places to just relax and have a quick meal, or just sit back and have some wine or coffee. This is a laid-back place, peaceful and fun-loving and they welcome visitors with love and affection.