London Eye

5 things to remember when visiting London

When people travel to London, they often ask what must they remember? London for many is a long way from home and not many people take a day trip to London therefore you don’t want to forget something critical to your enjoyment.

So the below are a list of items we recommend you take with you on your London Trip:

  1. A UK plug adapter, if you are from Europe or the US your plugs will not work in the UK Sockets so you will need an adapter. You can often hire or buy one but why go through the expense when you may have one already at home that you just need to remember to bring with you.
  2. British Pounds – so the UK does not accept other currency in its shops other than Sterling so you need to get your money changed at home and bring it with you to save you any problems when you are over in London.
  3. Your passport/Visa – these are obviously critical but every year thousands of people get to the airports without these and end up being refused travel or returned back to their country of origin. Please don’t let this be you! You want to experience all that London has to offer and even day trips from London, so please remember to bring this stuff with you.
  4. A translation book – you may not speak perfect english so it is always handy to have a translation book to hand to help you out with any problems you may have. People in London will generally help you out as much as possible, especially if you are seen to be speaking the language with them.
  5. Your confirmation vouchers – it is always best to prebook your hotels, and sightseeing tours in advance of your stay in London. London is a very popular destination and can be very expensive so pre-booking will save you time and money and also give you the peace of mind that you will be able to do all that you want and not dissappoint you.