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10 things to do in Fiji

A trip to Fiji can be fun for the whole family, whether you intend to bring the whole family or take a holiday with just your significant other. Fiji holidays offer many activities that are appropriate for the entire family for those who love the adventurous outdoors and those who enjoy the comfort of the indoors.

1. Visit Colo-i-Suva Forest Park, a rainforest that includes glimpses of tropical plants and birds. The park, often under a cloud of tropical rain weather, offers walking trails and spectacular views of the area. Rope swings and steps across the creek are available to the adventurous hikers. Waisila Creek flowers through the park, making way for natural places for visitors to swim. Guests can also bring a picnic.

2. Go on an adventure cruise. Tui Tai Adventure Cruises is one popular option for tourists. The cruise takes guests to different islands and cities in Fiji, including Taveuni, Kioa and Vanua Levu. The cruise makes it possible for visitors to snorkel, kayak, swim and lay out under the sun. It is also common for travelers to see sea animals such as dolphins and whales on their excursions. Cruises may range from three to five nights long.

3. The Fiji Museum gives tourists a glimpse of Fiji’s past and present. It offers archaeological and cultural evidence of Fiji’s history, including items related to the development of music and language. Tourists will have a chance to view cooking utensils, jewelry and instruments of war. The museum also features a souvenir shop so visitors can take home a piece of history.

4. Eat a meal at the Old Mill Cottage. This wooden cottage is an enchanting place to try some Fijian dishes, such as palusami, a meat and onion dish. The establishment also offers exotic seafood, including large helpings of shellfish and seaweed. Whether you are a meat lover or a vegetarian, this cottage has something for you.

5. Take a stroll through the Koroyanitu National Heritage Park, which includes several villages for tourists to experience. The park also features amazing views of the island and waterfalls. The most adventurous can hike up to Mount Koroyanitu and the remains of a village, which may take an entire day.

6. See the tropical flora of Thurston Gardens. It is a small attraction but at the same time exquisite. Seeing the colorful vegetation is a worthwhile endeavor for even causal visitors. It is also a great place to have a picnic.

7. Watch some Fijian dance performances. These traditional dances are intriguing. Most guests staying at island resorts will find that these dances are performed on a regular basis. Women often sing and perform with fans, leis and grass skirts. Men perform dances with spears.

8. Spend some time with the wildlife. Fiji offers many opportunities to see wildlife in all forms. Those who spend time at the ocean are likely to see turtles and dolphins, perhaps even whales. Those who spend time inland may see parrots and bats.

9. Visit the city of Suva, the capital of Fiji. Many tourists stop to see the residence of Fiji’s president but there are many activities in Suva. There are plenty of parks, gardens, flea markets and craft stands. If you truly want to see it all and learn some insider information, take a tour of the city with an English-speaking guide.

10. Visit the city of Nadi, which houses a colorful Hindu temple and Fiji’s most popular beaches. Nadi also includes the Garden of the Sleeping Giant and several traditional Fijian restaurants.

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